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How to Get Beard Styles Best Suited for All Sorts of Men

Beards are getting common nowadays and they were one of top trends in 2016. Believe it or not, they are going to stay in 2017 as well. Furthermore, it’s not just specific type of men who can have beards but there is some style available for all sorts of men. No matter what kind of look you may have, you can really rock with a beard. People with the emo look are equally capable to sport beards as the lumbersexuals. All you need to do is to find a style which works best for you.

Let’s take a look at different types of men and the kind of beard that they can have.

  1. Common Man

Common men have the liberty of choosing, literally, and beard style that they would like. As there is countless number of options available, choosing a style that suits you shouldn’t be a problem at all. Many often opt for light beards as it provides them with that masculine look they long for and still not overpower. It’s particularly important for the men having children who may like to tug at beard hair.

  1. Athletes

Athletes do not often go for thick beards due to their job nature and the intense workouts that they have to do. Thick beards tend to be too hot usually and they can prove to be a hindrance for the athletes in whatever they’re trying to do. Lighter beards are always the best choice for the athletes.

  1. The Emo

There are some who are categorized in Emo category and they like the punk rock music while dark colors are preferred by them as far as their clothing choice is concerned. The Emo men don’t usually go for beards but, actually, they can. Those having beards and falling in this category usually keep their beards a bit thick and not much long. Most of them don’t like overpowering their look which is intended to be accomplished.

  1. Businessmen

Businessmen are all about being slick and put together. Unruly beards don’t suit them much. Rather, a well-kept beard which is short in length is the best choice for them.

  1. Lumbersexual

Lumbersexual men usually have that usual lumberjack look and they usually sport plaid shirt and a beard. These men are also categorized as metrosexual and ensure that they’re stylish, elegant and fashionable and stick to the modern day trends. These men usually go for thick beards which cover whole lower part of their face.

  1. Older Men

Older men usually tend to have beards that are full of the grey hair, but they still love to have that stylish look. Older men usually like to go for full beards and they love to grow them as long as possible.


So, categorize yourself in any of the above mentioned categories and choose a beard style that suits best to men falling in that category. Going with the trend is always advisable and you should not stray away from the current trends.


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