Bridal Fashion

Trendy Colors of Bridal Dresses & Matched Hairstyles

Colors are of great importance especially in bridal dresses. These days different eye catching color combinations are used to enhance the beauty of brides. Brides want to look beautiful and also want that traditional look in their dress. Designers are introducing different combinations of colors and reviving the traditional looks according to the demand of their customers.

Trendy colors adds a lot to the embellishment of the dress and to the beauty of the bride. Now-a-days in market most demanding bridal colors are white, cream, pink, silver and peach. These colors belong to a light tone family. Dresses of such colors are used with heavy bridal jewelry. Different embellishment accessories are used these days along with soft- toned bridal dresses.

Video Tutorial for Perfect Hairstyle of Pakistani Brides

These soft colored bridal dresses are preferred for function of walima but functions of mehindi and barat are still given that typical traditional theme but with new touch. Light scheme of the traditional bridal-wear colors are used in these functions. To avoid that over look, one thing either dupatta, shirt or lehenga is enhanced to make the embellishment prominent. A balance of color and work must be maintained to give a nice overall look to the dress.
Physic of brides must be kept in consideration while choosing color and Pakistani wedding dresses with prices. The bride must be comfortable with the style of style as it adds to the confidence of the bride.

In bridal dresses along-with different colors golden color is always preferred for embellishment of bridal dress. Golden colored threaded motives and stones and beads of golden color family are used on bridal dresses. Hair-style of the bride must be according to the bridal dress style.