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5 Best Men Hairstyles that are Most Sought After for Weddings

Wedding day, definitely, is amongst the biggest occasions in every man’s life. He’s just starting a new life and would be partnered on this journey by someone he really loves. Choosing an absolutely perfect men hairstyle for this special day of yours should definitely be the part of the planning process. If you go for wrong cut, it could set negative tone. It’s really necessary that the groom should look through quite a few hairstyles and the choose one carefully according to what suits him, and the occasion, best. Let’s take a look at some of the popular options.

  1. Straight, Short and Casual

This look really works wonderfully for every man on their wedding day. It’s simple and it still looks very stylish. Using little amount of a styling product can hold some spikes together for giving this look some sort of edge.

  1. Tousled & Textured

Many men usually idealize this wonderful look, particularly, when they have curly hair which have to be toned down. First they have to cut their hair down and leave some thickness on top. They can put in some mouse in their hand and then tousle through their hair for getting that finished look they desire.


  1. Slicked Back Hair

Minimal effort is required for having slicked back style, but it still gives you that elegant look. This hairstyle looks ideal on weddings as well as any formal events. You can simply pair the style with undercut so that your hair can look more unique.

  1. Side-Swept Blowout

This hairstyle is an ideal choice for men who have thick hair and they love showing off the longer locks they have. Prior to blowout, wash your hair completely and condition them as well. Afterwards, use blow dryer for working through your hair starting from the roots and going to the ends. It will provide you with that windblown look. Comb your hair to one side when using dryer for getting that side-swept look.

  1. Left Long

There are some who might have long maintained their longer men hairs and they’d love showing them off on their special occasion. Instead of cutting everything off for fitting the mold, you can let your long hair to hang out. Slightly side-parted hair would be ideal for helping you in giving some volume to the hair on top so that they can look more formal. It’s a good choice for those who have long or medium hair and they don’t want to cut them short for the wedding day.

The men hairstyles for the wedding day must be carefully selected. What you should wear and they way it should be styled are amongst the major considerations as far as your wedding hairstyle is concerned. Choosing right style will set an appropriate tone for your special day and all your wedding pictures would definitely turn out to be great. There is plethora of options available and you can go for something that suits your personality best.