Bridal Fashion

Trendy Colors of Bridal Dresses & Matched Hairstyles

Colors are of great importance especially in bridal dresses. These days different eye catching color combinations are used to enhance the beauty of brides. Brides want to look beautiful and also want that traditional look in their dress. Designers are introducing different combinations of colors and reviving the traditional looks according to the demand of their customers.

Trendy colors adds a lot to the embellishment of the dress and to the beauty of the bride. Now-a-days in market most demanding bridal colors are white, cream, pink, silver and peach. These colors belong to a light tone family. Dresses of such colors are used with heavy bridal jewelry. Different embellishment accessories are used these days along with soft- toned bridal dresses.

Video Tutorial for Perfect Hairstyle of Pakistani Brides

These soft colored bridal dresses are preferred for function of walima but functions of mehindi and barat are still given that typical traditional theme but with new touch. Light scheme of the traditional bridal-wear colors are used in these functions. To avoid that over look, one thing either dupatta, shirt or lehenga is enhanced to make the embellishment prominent. A balance of color and work must be maintained to give a nice overall look to the dress.
Physic of brides must be kept in consideration while choosing color and Pakistani wedding dresses with prices. The bride must be comfortable with the style of style as it adds to the confidence of the bride.

In bridal dresses along-with different colors golden color is always preferred for embellishment of bridal dress. Golden colored threaded motives and stones and beads of golden color family are used on bridal dresses. Hair-style of the bride must be according to the bridal dress style.

Men Fashion

5 Best Men Hairstyles that are Most Sought After for Weddings

Wedding day, definitely, is amongst the biggest occasions in every man’s life. He’s just starting a new life and would be partnered on this journey by someone he really loves. Choosing an absolutely perfect men hairstyle for this special day of yours should definitely be the part of the planning process. If you go for wrong cut, it could set negative tone. It’s really necessary that the groom should look through quite a few hairstyles and the choose one carefully according to what suits him, and the occasion, best. Let’s take a look at some of the popular options.

  1. Straight, Short and Casual

This look really works wonderfully for every man on their wedding day. It’s simple and it still looks very stylish. Using little amount of a styling product can hold some spikes together for giving this look some sort of edge.

  1. Tousled & Textured

Many men usually idealize this wonderful look, particularly, when they have curly hair which have to be toned down. First they have to cut their hair down and leave some thickness on top. They can put in some mouse in their hand and then tousle through their hair for getting that finished look they desire.


  1. Slicked Back Hair

Minimal effort is required for having slicked back style, but it still gives you that elegant look. This hairstyle looks ideal on weddings as well as any formal events. You can simply pair the style with undercut so that your hair can look more unique.

  1. Side-Swept Blowout

This hairstyle is an ideal choice for men who have thick hair and they love showing off the longer locks they have. Prior to blowout, wash your hair completely and condition them as well. Afterwards, use blow dryer for working through your hair starting from the roots and going to the ends. It will provide you with that windblown look. Comb your hair to one side when using dryer for getting that side-swept look.

  1. Left Long

There are some who might have long maintained their longer men hairs and they’d love showing them off on their special occasion. Instead of cutting everything off for fitting the mold, you can let your long hair to hang out. Slightly side-parted hair would be ideal for helping you in giving some volume to the hair on top so that they can look more formal. It’s a good choice for those who have long or medium hair and they don’t want to cut them short for the wedding day.

The men hairstyles for the wedding day must be carefully selected. What you should wear and they way it should be styled are amongst the major considerations as far as your wedding hairstyle is concerned. Choosing right style will set an appropriate tone for your special day and all your wedding pictures would definitely turn out to be great. There is plethora of options available and you can go for something that suits your personality best.

Men Fashion

How to Get Beard Styles Best Suited for All Sorts of Men

Beards are getting common nowadays and they were one of top trends in 2016. Believe it or not, they are going to stay in 2017 as well. Furthermore, it’s not just specific type of men who can have beards but there is some style available for all sorts of men. No matter what kind of look you may have, you can really rock with a beard. People with the emo look are equally capable to sport beards as the lumbersexuals. All you need to do is to find a style which works best for you.

Let’s take a look at different types of men and the kind of beard that they can have.

  1. Common Man

Common men have the liberty of choosing, literally, and beard style that they would like. As there is countless number of options available, choosing a style that suits you shouldn’t be a problem at all. Many often opt for light beards as it provides them with that masculine look they long for and still not overpower. It’s particularly important for the men having children who may like to tug at beard hair.

  1. Athletes

Athletes do not often go for thick beards due to their job nature and the intense workouts that they have to do. Thick beards tend to be too hot usually and they can prove to be a hindrance for the athletes in whatever they’re trying to do. Lighter beards are always the best choice for the athletes.

  1. The Emo

There are some who are categorized in Emo category and they like the punk rock music while dark colors are preferred by them as far as their clothing choice is concerned. The Emo men don’t usually go for beards but, actually, they can. Those having beards and falling in this category usually keep their beards a bit thick and not much long. Most of them don’t like overpowering their look which is intended to be accomplished.

  1. Businessmen

Businessmen are all about being slick and put together. Unruly beards don’t suit them much. Rather, a well-kept beard which is short in length is the best choice for them.

  1. Lumbersexual

Lumbersexual men usually have that usual lumberjack look and they usually sport plaid shirt and a beard. These men are also categorized as metrosexual and ensure that they’re stylish, elegant and fashionable and stick to the modern day trends. These men usually go for thick beards which cover whole lower part of their face.

  1. Older Men

Older men usually tend to have beards that are full of the grey hair, but they still love to have that stylish look. Older men usually like to go for full beards and they love to grow them as long as possible.


So, categorize yourself in any of the above mentioned categories and choose a beard style that suits best to men falling in that category. Going with the trend is always advisable and you should not stray away from the current trends.

Black Celebrity Hairstyles
Celebrity Hairstyles

How to Get Black Celebrity Hairstyles of the Year

The 2016 has almost finished and the year brought many trends in fashion industry taking over from the ones which used to be popular in 2015. Just like any other trend, celebrity hairstyles keep on changing all the time. The standards set by different celebrities are always considered as the guiding light for individuals to sharpen their styling sense and that’s exactly the case with men’s hairstyles as well. It really was a hard decision to make as far as choosing celebrity hairstyles is concerned. But we have still managed to formulate the best possible list with black celebrities whose hairstyles rocked in 2016. Guys presented in this list always have a cutting edge style and they don’t really mind in pushing those boundaries.

4 Best Black Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2017

Here we have listed the 4 best black celebrity hairstyles of 2016. Let’s take a look.

  • Kayne West
  • Drake
  • Will Smith
  • James Harden

Let’s dig a bit deep into what styles these celebrities had and how it looked on them.

  1. Kayne West

No hairstyles list might get complete without the name of Kayne West. The clothing line designer and award-winning artist from the hip hop industry, we can’t really believe that everybody does not know about him. Kayne really takes style seriously. This year he had a strange pattern on his closely cut locks which really suited him.

  1. Drake

Drake is a popular icon who every black man loves to follow when it comes to my style portal. Whether it is his growing beard or close trimmed haircut, he’s always in a well-groomed look. This year he had short hair with short and nice beard.

  1. Will Smith

In recent years, he has been the standard in hairstyles for black men. The trendsetter now has a cool looking close-cropped hairstyle which he loves to carry. His current close-cropped hairstyle is rounded on the top and there is slight fade on the lower side which connects to the mustache and goatee seamlessly.

  1. James Harden

The star from NBA maintains a long reputation for the perfectly natural mustache and beard. He has a grown beard since the year 2008 and doesn’t seem to give that up. Even though he had a short haircut this year but his hair on the top were considerably longer. There were a little fade on bottom as well.

How Getting That Celebrity Look

The styles mentioned above really need you to have some good barber who actually understands the exact look you’re looking to achieve. So, unless you have gone through the portfolio of a barber, never choose one. Keep it in mind that you get the value for whatever you pay.

Black Celebrity Hairstyles

It is very much possible that your guy down street may give $15 haircut but he won’t be ready take your style seriously and give you a perfect, personalized haircut. If you have to pay a bit extra for getting your desired haircut then it’s really worth it.